Nadrag is a former mining area, in Timis county, Romania. In 1845 a Viennese company has developed iron processing workshops in the village, thus populating the area with colonies of Germans, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians and Gypsies.

Mining was greatly expanded and Nadrag became a prosperous town …

Now everything has died, it remained only people nostalgic of the good old days long gone, people jobless, hopeless and with many mouths to feed.

As a result of my explorations, I encountered a special family in this village three years ago, the Farcas-Andreev family.

They are Baby (mother) and Danu (the new pillar of the family and the biological father of the little ones) and her children Alex (15 years old), Daiana (14) and Melisa (5 years) and David Marius ( 4 months).

Since the first meeting, I worked with two of her sisters - Daiana and Alina - who have been attending and supervised by Alex the big brother, throughout the day. The most impressive were the love and gesture so mature of a 12-year-old boy,of  care for his sisters. Silent and enchanted, they have obediently obeyed the photographic indications, from which these portraits resulted that translate into the inert world of the commune. In Nădrag, progress has its own timeline.

Marked by this experience, I returned to this family and I met all the members and we become friends. That's how I learned about the health of Daiana and her younger sister, Alina. Daiana repeats the fifth grade for the second time, and all she has ever accomplished in school has been possible only with the kindness of the teachers who were passing the classes. But she already had serious problems of memory.

This is how the girl began to go along with her mother through state institutions that psychologically assess children, provide them with a disability certificate and assessment by the School Guidance Commission. It all ended with the registration of Daiana at the Special Education School "Alexandru Roşca" in Lugoj.

We hope it is the best way for her to learn how to read, write, and make progress in integrating into society.

Alina is the younger sister and has the same symptoms, and the sequel will probably be the same for her.

I make several portraits of the girls and I organized a photo exhibition whit sale to raise the money and help the family.